inkachild. Since 2006. Based in Dublin Electronic | Melodic Pop/Rock | Soul
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Michelle Phelan - vox, Peter McGrane - guitar, keyboards/piano, glockenspiel, beats
we would be influenced by many sounds from rock and funk to jazz and flamenco.

contact name:Michelle Phelan
phone: 0861732006
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Inka child is made up of Peter McGrane and Michelle Phelan who joined forces in december 2006 when they were introduced at one of peters gigs in dublin. realising their shared passions for creating music they combined their backgrounds in flamenco and jazz to create a bossanova fusion kind of sound. Their musical journey started out with a headline gig in bewleys cafe theatre in february. From there they have played many gigs including an open mic in naas which saw them filmed by chance and their cover of regina spektors hotel song put on youtube. This version was later to be discovered by a spektor fansite and placed on the webpage as a tribute to the singer herself.

they are currently recording their debut album down in wicklow with ken mchugh. The album is due for a summer release.
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