THE ROARING FORTIES. Since 2003. Based in Cork Rock and Roll | Alternative Rock | Rock
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Members: 5
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George Patterson - vocals, Alan Pentony - Double Bass, Christian Best - Drums, Gareth Forsyth - Guitar, Ken Marshall / Dave Carvel - Saxophone, Anth Kaley - Keys
Louis Prima

contact name:George Patterson
phone: 00353 (0) 861282435
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The Roaring Forties are licenced to swing big time, An ultra tight, progressive high energy jump jive swing band, Two albums available from Virgin, Hmv, Tower records, five incredibly talented musicians in one place at one time doesnt haappen often, they tour Ireland, norway, England and about to go to America. InIreland they can be seen in Limerick the trinity loung, Cork at the Half moon, Dublin in the Gaiety and the Sugar Club. Log on to for full gig listing and much more. There is no other Swing Band in Ireland that can touch them, they have all been in music for most of their lives. George Patterson the lead singer is an ex Motor Head roadie and before that was in the band Rusia. The Roaring Forties open the Jazz Festival for Guinness since they formed in June 2003. A proffessional band worth going to see, garanteed to make you dance. New album, "Swing til you die" out now under Skull Mike Prodductions which is the bands own company. New single out soon
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