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'DUPED' on IrishUnsigned music:
One too many times
Cold shoulder kiss
For the better
Old man

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phone: 00 353 87 6387051
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The History

Duped began as a drunken conversation, travelling in the back of a van, between founding members Cormac and Tommy. Already playing together in other outfits they found themselves going in new directions but focusing on one goal: making music for the pierced nose and the chin stroker alike.

Some time and several musicians later Tommy and Cormac found partners in crime; first Shane in December ’02 and then Stephen in January ’03. Although agreements could never be made on certain issues (e.g. The Beatles vs The Clash) one thing was clear: the sound was complete and very exciting.

Within no time Duped were on the road playing support to a host of artists including Mundy, Woodstar and Ten Speed Racer, tearing up venues across the country like a cheap shirt in a nasty lap-dance.

Constantly gigging, writing and recording this band never stagnates as each member, a writer and producer in his own right; lays a distinct mark on the material leading to the freshest sound in years.

Ladies and Gentlemen: raise your glasses and watch out for your ears…

Duped? You will be.

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